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22 - 24 May 2020Sandton Convention Centre

Wolkberg Casting Studios

We exist for creation and collaboration...Our products are handmade with skill and a high standard for quality...We push the boundaries of sustainability with every cast by using recycled materials in all our recipes...

Wolkberg Casting Studio is a proudly African industrial design studio with a focus on Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles, Surfaces, Lighting and Bespoke Design.

Our products are thoughtfully designed, handmade, and locally manufactured using Limesite. Limesite is our high performance, aesthetically unique concrete made from up to 60% recycled materials.

Collaborations are at the core of our progress and ensure that we provide the finest design and manufacturing service to our clients. Everything Wolkberg does is as a result of an interdisciplinary approach, from concepts and sketches through to products and works of art.

Our holistic attitude creates an important feedback loop by narrowing the gap between concepts and finished products, designers and manufacturers, technological innovation and artisanal skill.



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183B Abraham van Wyk Rd

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