May 2023

Artist Admin - 44 Stanley

Artist Admin provides administrative support to artisans and creative entrepreneurs: musicians, painters, illustrators, photographers, videographers, designers, coders, or anyone that is creative for a living. If you’ve ever been overwhelmed trying to send a package to the States, selling your products or services online, filing a tax return, trying to figure out what to charge an agency for a campaign, or have spent weeks piecing together an exhibition on your own, then you know why they are around.

Their mission is to relieve you from these and all the other complex, time-consuming tasks that bog you down and distract you from your real strength and magical ability. They assist local creatives with tested and simplified solutions so you can instead put your time into what matters: building your business and most importantly, creating.

Artist Admin are not an agent, are not a gallery and are not your managers. You’re the boss and they are here to help you do your best. Check out their services and get in touch if they can help you!


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