May 2023

Something Good Studio

Something Good Studio is a Proudly South African collaborative design studio with a cause.

We celebrate local artistry by collaborating with South African talent in creation of playful textile & fashion pieces that can be seen as the interface between art and design.

Something Good Studio launched at No End Art Gallery in April 2018 with an artist-designed blanket range which have been awarded ‘The Best Surface Design Award’ at 100% Design in August 2018.

In collaboration with our carefully selected artists, designers and makers,
we have expanded into various product categories including our online art gallery and a knitwear fashion label.

All items are made in small, limited edition batches whilst minimising waste and maximising the design process.

The core of Something Good Studio is rooted in South Africa and every aspect of the brand reflects that with a contemporary twist, using locally sourced materials.

By purchasing a SMTNG GOOD piece, you are supporting makers in the South African art & design industry, uplifting a small up-and-coming business as well as local manufacturing.


167 Kent Avenue

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