Metaverse Tours and VR Experience

Metaverse Tours and VR Experience

Explore digital twins, coffee cobots, metaverses and more 

No longer the stuff of sci-fi, this futuristic tech is set to revolutionise the way we work, learn, connect and even the way we are served our coffee. Design Joburg will take visitors on a deep dive into how these new realities are shaping architecture, interior and design, as well as life in general.

Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and other cutting-edge digital technologies are amongst the key features at the show with visitors being treated to an immersive trip into the metaverse, a series of expert talks and much more. 

Making magic in the metaverse - don't miss the Metaverse Tours (free to attend)

The virtual magic doesn’t stop there: Pinto and New Reality will be collaborating with VR and AR hardware and software provider African Technopreneurs to offer Design Joburg attendees a chance to experience the much-discussed metaverse (or one version of it, anyway).

“It’s not just about online gaming anymore,” says Pinto. “It’s a real digital playground. The metaverse is like a blank slate on which we can build new worlds, opening up different ways to learn, socialise, relax and be entertained. We want to give people a chance to see the metaverse for themselves, cutting through the hype and buzzwords.” Groups of 3-5 guests will be taken on a guided twirl through virtual environments, donning VR headsets and interacting with each other via avatars. Each tour is expected to run for 15-25 minutes, with sign-up required in advance. Multiple slots will be available each day.   

Cobots and coffee

Visitors can also expect to see real-life robots in action at Design Joburg 2022 - Pinto says to keep an eye out for two hospitality robots whirring around the venue. Described as cat-like, these cute little helpers, which are on loan from Ctrl Robotics, will be delivering hot coffee and snacks as one of their top-priority table service tasks. The company specialises in fully automated indoor delivery and cleaning robot solutions as part of a hybrid workforce.

Technology speaker session - Thursday 19th May at 13h30 - free to attend

Featured speaker Steve Pinto, CEO of innovative local tech start-ups New Reality and Ctrl Robotics, will walk audiences through exciting developments in design, with a strong focus on the potential of VR. 

Drawing on New Reality’s experience with “digital twins” - 3D, virtual copies of real physical spaces - Pinto will demonstrate what VR and associated technologies can do for real-world projects ranging from world expos to skills training and even flood prevention. “These technologies are changing the way we solve problems,” says Pinto. “VR is a powerful way to overcome barriers - geographical, knowledge-based and otherwise. It’s just a matter of learning how to use it effectively.”

New Reality played a key role at Expo 2020 Dubai, assisting with a digital simulation of the UAE Pavilion audiovisual experience. In-person planning and preparations had been rendered almost impossible by the covid-19 pandemic. So, using architectural data, Pinto and his team built a scaled replica - in virtual reality - of the entire building, and then calculated the precise sound and visual requirements for the event. When the expo team arrived on site closer to the opening time, all that remained to be done was the final pre-checks and mixing; everything else was ready to go. The digital twin will be on display at Design Joburg, for those wanting a closer look.

Images: Ctrl Robotics


Metaverse Tours and VR Experience
Metaverse Tours and VR Experience
Metaverse Tours and VR Experience