A cracker of a gift guide - La Grange Interiors' Wishlist

‘Tis the season, and all that! So we thought we’d connect with some of our creative directors, past and present – as well as some of our imminent CoLab designers – on what’s on their festive season wish lists. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this gorgeously curated selection might inspire you for an upcoming occasion, or just a special treat for yourself. As Dorothy Day famously said, “The best things to do with the best things in life is to give them away.”

She was onto something Ms Day!

La Grange Interiors is a cornerstone of the local design landscape. Headed by interior designer Sumari Krige, the brand’s unique yet relatable aesthetic combines contemporary and eclectic designs from around the world and from right here in South Africa. Sumari gives her signature voice to our festive season gift guide.


1. Bunnybum Moneybox in Gold available from La Grange Interiors, click here

2. Karen Dudley - Set a Table book available from Karen Dudley, click here

3. Prickle Brass Object available from La Grange Interiors, click here

4. Summah Turkish Towels from Summah, click here

5. Thumbs up Hook available from La Grange Interiors, click here

6. Unit 43 Gin, click here

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