A Pop of KARE

Found in 50+ countries, KARE is known for quality, surprise and intrigue. Always bold and amusing, KARE’s showroom is currently awash in bright cerise, squished cherry, stains of pomegranate and cheeky pink and it’s these sort of cheering tones that will be coming to Design Joburg 2022. Fancy a new lighting piece? A suave bunny-shaped table lamp takes the form of a standing rabbit clutching the shade like a towel. KARE frequently weaves animal figures into abstract pieces or posed functional elements for a touch of quirky humour that keeps its owner smiling over the years.

Their opulent, distinctive style consistently wins over the hearts of collectors and new fans alike. With a range that includes everything from large furniture pieces to small accessories, we are waiting in anticipation to see what this innovative, magical brand will be bringing to Design Joburg this year.








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