A quick chat with Yaniv Chen of Master Studio

Master Studio are creating a stand for the Collaborative Roomsets features at Design Joburg with the theme ‘Homework’ working alongside lighting brand Streamlight.

What is your background and how have you come to do what you do?

I come from a mixed background of fashion, interior architecture and furniture design. I have a more emotional connection with interiors though.

What is your vision for your Collaborative Roomset stand?

My vision is to create my simplified version of a layered work-from-home space entitled Homework. As society moves away from the concept of a regular 9-to-5 working situation, more people are proving that the flexibility of working from home is much more productive for everyone. 

How will you be interpreting your brief of ‘Homework’?

I will be working with Streamlight to showcase the latest in ambient, feature and task lighting solutions. The feature will be eclectic and layered in nature. Deep dark tones with luxurious rich fabrics and colours of sage green, black and walnut.

What will make your stand a must-see feature at Design Joburg?

Expect the unpredicatable… that’s how I roll. It will be my version of eclectic.

What would you dream project be?

To design an Aesop store.

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