A quick cocktail with Donald Nxumalo

Bold colours and brave patterns collide in interesting and unexpected ways in Donald Nxumalo's second collection with Hertex Fabrics

Following the success of their A-List fabric collection, done in collaboration with Jozi’s favourite interior decorator, Hertex will be launching another range with the designer. This collection promises to be as striking as the first. 

Donald is also presenting a stand under his own brand DNX Interior Design. We chatted to Donald about design, dreams and desirable objects.

What’s new in DNX Interior Design-land?

This is the year we expand our vision. We are working hard on a boutique hotel in Uganda and with a mix of corporate clients. Our fabulous new fabric range is being unveiled at Design Joburg with Hertex Fabrics.

Can you tell us more about the new Hertex fabric collection?

The range is called “Terra Nova” which is Italian for “new ground”. It speaks to exploring new territories and stepping out of our comfort zone. It’s a more ethnic range with tribal prints and loads of texture.

So what specifically was the inspiration behind the new fabric collection?

I found inspiration in earthy tones and ethnic colours… shapes, patterns and shades that I am exposed to daily. It was imperative to me that their combination become talking points – to be topical – because everyone likes to be talked about!

Your previous Hertex fabric collection was inspired by Jozi so how does the city you live and work in influence you?

I love that the city is so cosmopolitan. This melting pot of people from all over Africa, Europe, America and Asia that all live in one city is so energising. This fusion adds to our cultural language and influences how people live, dress and pursue life. The concept of coming to the City of Gold and making your dreams come true is inspiring. This city certainly made my dreams come true.

What is your take on the hottest colours for 2017?

I’m loving pink. And in its softest hue and especially combined with rust. I am loving the contradiction of using it in a masculine way.

Are there certain styles or trends that are resonating with you right now? 

I want people not to follow trends actually. People should be setting their own trends... be the trend!

Okay, so what “trend” do you not like?

I am not liking the grey and beige trend. Though these colours are relaxing and sophisticated, I think we can afford to use colour in more interesting ways.

What are you looking forward to at Design Joburg?

I’m looking forward to putting together a great stand for Hertex. I am also thrilled to be putting together my own stand under DNX Interior Design… a total dream come true. With our living spaces becoming more and more compact I am looking at exploring an apartment living space in my latest pink obsession but executed in a masculine way.

What design item are you coveting right now?

Richard Sapper’s Tizio Lamp is a classic I’ve always loved. I really enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of the swivel design. I’d love to have one for myself!

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