Creative director Andrea Kleinloog on Design Joburg

Design Joburg has been an epic undertaking of changing the way both designers, manufacturers and even expo-organisers see exhibitions and how we can convert Design Joburg into an important, thought-provoking event on the annual design calendar.

We have such a remarkable selection of South Africa’s current design and architecture talent contributing to every aspect of the show that it’s an impossible task to narrow it down to our favourites or the "highlights"!

It has been a privilege to work with such a dynamic and enthusiastic group, all of whom have embraced this extraordinary taskwith so much passion and commitment. 


Darlings is really close to my heart because we really wanted to create a platform for all designers (young and old) to partake in the show – not just the large manufacturering brands with the large budgets.

I am looking forward to the rich variety of textures and tones that each of the Darlings is bringing to the show – contrasting each other, complementing each other.

The process of working with all the designers involved has given us a privileged insight into the meaningful breadth of South African design.

We have worked with the humble and immeasurably talented Elonah O'Neil who is producing a remarkable installation marking that the Darlings have arrived.


I know this has been the key focus of the show, but it's genuinely an enormous feat pulled off by Margie, Sandra and Requel from Design Joburg.

I am really excited to see the result of many months of hard work, problem-solving and serious design integrity that I have seen coming from my peers and colleagues.

JVR Architect’s Sample Library is poised to be phenomenal. Joe (van Rooyen) and I have had many breathlessly excited conversations about it, and I cannot wait to see it’s “reveal”. 

Studium Design Office’s thoughtful and delicate 'Heritage Apartment' is laced with beautiful detail, which I have been so lucky to just seen glimpses of.

Kimmy & Bear are applying their inimitable taste and attention to detail, to every aspect of 'Growing Up'

The 'Beach Cabin' from Studio A – I just remember laughing with Tristan (du Plessis) about how much fun it would be to see his normal dark and moody repertoire applied to something so light-hearted. I am very excited to see what he will produce with his gorgeous lineup of collaborators. 

And this list could go on...

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