Dining in fine design

Collaboration will be a key feature at Design Joburg and will manifest in the form of curated feature exhibits – called Collaborative Roomsets – that will bring together leading architects and designers with some of the country’s foremost design brands and artisans. 

Kelly Adami of design consultancy Copperleaf Studio is creating one such Collaborative Roomset. The theme of her exhibit is ‘Dinner Party’ and includes dynamic local brands like Streamlight (lighting) , Marble & Stone (countertops), Regardt van der Meulen (sculpture), JVB Furniture Collection (glass table and dining chair upholstered in St Leger velvet), Culinary Equipment Company (cooker and accessories), St Leger & Viney (Rebel Walls wallpaper), Neolith (flooring), Beauty Fires (fireplace), Optima Kitchens (kitchen cabinetry), Caesarstone (countertops) and Kohler Africa.

We chatted to Kelly about this project and her thoughts on design right now.

What can we expect from your stand at Design Joburg?

The theme of the stand is 'A Dinner Party' so without giving too much away, I can say that we're planning an uber-luxurious entertainment space that has everything you need to keep your guests well-fed and watered without ever having or wanting to leave!  

What has been the most thrilling part of conceptualising it?

Since the design is for a stand and not for a real project, it hasn't had the ordinary limitations that can sometimes dictate the design process, such as budget constraints for example. We've been able to dream up our most ideal design solution without any hindrances, which really makes it the perfect project. The other really exciting part has been collaborating with some of the industry’s most stylish and respected brands, and having access to their exceptional products. 

And what has been the most challenging? 

The nature of collaboration is working together to achieve a common goal and while this is probably one of the most rewarding aspects of the process, it's also been the most challenging! Each contributor understandably wants their brand to be showcased in the best light, so we've had to work quite hard and smart to do this, while also creating a synergy between all the different design elements.

What aspect of design are you particularly inspired by at the moment?

There are so many cutting-edge technologies creeping into the design world at the moment, which have dramatically extended the scope for what is possible in our interiors. I am constantly amazed and inspired by the new materials and products being launched, and am always looking for new ways to incorporate these into my projects. Tiles that have the appearance and texture of fabrics, stone composites that look like real marble... I am thrilled that some of these brand-new products have even made it onto our dinner party stand!

What are your thoughts on the local creative scene at the moment? 

I am so impressed by what our local product designers are creating at the moment – items that are entirely unique in their appearance that simultaneously have real global appeal. As a designer, I have previously looked to international trends and products for inspiration but more and more our local design scene is really taking on a life of its own. And the best part is that it's all just beginning!

How would you describe your own aesthetic? 

My own design aesthetic is driven largely by luxury and comfort with an underlying practical sensibility. 

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