Fabri's future forward kitchens

Innovation, in terms of both functionality and style, is a hot kitchen trend at the moment.

Think new opening systems for cabinet doors, porcelain tops, finishes in a combination of wood and lacquer, exposed shelving and intense, contrasting colours. These are some of the kitchen trends identified by Ricardo Sabino Costa, senior business manager of premium kitchen brand Fabri. The opening systems, in particular, is about transforming kitchens into more versatile and practical spaces.

For Fabri innovation is about more than the final product, though features like automatic doors, motion sensors and other smart technology are a key consideration in the brand’s design process, it is also about improving factory processes.

“From state-of-the-art machinery to create the perfect lacquered finish of the flawless assembly, to the shipping and installation methods. We strongly believe that an outstanding product must be treated as one from beginning to end. Only this ensures a final product that meets our own and our clients’ demands for quality,” says Ricardo.

Fabri will be launching a range of exciting new products at Design Joburg. Expect the same top quality products backed by personliased service that has earned the brand the favourable reputation they enjoy.



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