Fast chat with Nicole Levenberg of Aureum

We chatted to Nicole Levenberg of Aureum, who will be taking part in the DARLINGS feature at Design Joburg.

What have you become known for and what defines what you do?

Meticulously hand-drawn and handpainted textile print designs that are based on an original artwork. I traverse the boundary between fine art and design.

What will you be unveiling at Design Joburg’s Darlings feature?

An exciting sneak peek at my new range of fabric prints that will be available per linear metre, experimentation with printed wallpapers and, of course, some art. 

Is there a design movement or style that informs your creations?

I am constantly absorbing inspiration from everywhere, but I am particularly drawn to fashion photography; the colour juxtapositions, pattern, embellishment and textures are a feast for my eyes.

Which other Darlings creations do you covet and why?

Lemon – their beautiful design triumphs are endlessly covetable. From large-scale whimsical landscape photo prints to solid marble coffee tables. I just want it all!

What are your thoughts on SA design right now?

I love the current spirit of collaboration in SA design, and the fresh energy all the young, independent designers are bringing to the industry. This really makes it an exciting and inspirational context in which to create beautiful things. 

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