Growing pleasures

When a whole lot of different things come together – we’re talking products, brands, designers, visual styles, ideas – one of two things is likely to happen. It will either be complete chaos or magically mesmerising. In the case of the Kimmy & Bear Collaborative Roomset feature at Design Joburg there is a 100% guarantee that it will be the latter.

That’s why we love collaborations and why we’re excited about Kimmy & Bear bringing their ‘curated mama and babe experience’ to Collaborative Roomsets. They’ll be teaming with with some phenomenal brands, including Amavi, Bunny & Clyde, Dovetail, Think Co and Mooo.

We chatted to the Kimmy & Bear trio (who are also sisters!), Bailey Bezuidenhout, Cheska Stark and Alex Royston, about ‘Growing Up’, their design style and the power of collaboration

What can we expect from your stand at Design Joburg?

Our stand, 'Growing Up', shows the transition of a space from a newborn baby nursery to a child's bedroom. You can expect a redefining of what one usually thinks of childhood spaces. Our stand aims to wow both minis and their parents with a high design aesthetic that fits seamlessly into the rest of the home.

What has been the most thrilling part of conceptualising it?

Working with designers to create new products which haven't been seen before in the South African market.

And what has been the most challenging?

Balancing our wildest imaginations of the coolest child space with the reality of time, budget, and space constraints.

Tell us about working with so many diverse brands?

We thrive on curating spaces which contain many different brands as you can pick and choose the best pieces which all contribute to the story of your space. Our stand provides the context to bring products from different brands together in a new way.

What does collaboration mean to you?

We believe creativity is enhanced when two different perspectives meet. The coming together of two minds, bringing distinct ideas, solutions and expertise that may just click with ours provides the opportunity to form something unique and wonderful.

What aspect of design are you particularly inspired by at the moment?

Multi-functional pieces. Particularly in a kid’s space, multi functions add an element of fun to design – think of a carpet which becomes a wall installation which becomes a puzzle, a play house which becomes an easel, a floor which becomes a sandpit. In a time of excess and the accumulation of stuff, multi-function appeals to a consciousness of both the space and purpose of each item and product within the home. It prioritises the idea that what you do in a space is as important as what the space looks like. 

What are your thoughts on the local creative scene at the moment?

We are constantly blown away by the creativity in South Africa. From art to design, from product to spaces, there is an endless supply of inspiration and drool-worthy work coming from our beautiful country. What we find so inspiring are the rich stories behind the products, and the new wave of makers and creators who emphasise the process and history of their work. This has an impact far deeper than just a product.

How would you describe your own aesthetic?

Essentially, Kimmy & Bear Spaces are about creating a sense of joy. We believe that how one feels in a room is of utmost importance and we work closely with our clients to understand what will bring them joy within their family or child’s space. As such, our aesthetic is not what you would expect from a childrens' room – it vacillates on a spectrum between sophisticated and playful, with either aspect dialled up or emphasised through our curation. This idea of contrasts informs the basis our work as one’s understanding of a concept is enhanced when confronted with its opposite, for example, old appears older in the face of new. Using different materials is also important to us as the sense of touch is key in the experience of a space. Our aim through design is to make the ordinary extraordinary.

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