Hendricks Gin Bar in association with Ardmore

At Design Joburg, featuring Rooms on View, we realise the importance of balance, so, sipping on an expertly crafted and well balanced gin cocktail in between viewing our inspirational exhibits is some of the best advice we could offer you.

Thanks to mixology becoming an art form in recent years, it’s safe to say that developing a well conceived and imaginative drink is akin to creating a successful design piece, which is why we’ve teamed up with Hendrick’s Gin to conjure a gin bar to remember.

Curated by the show’s creative directors Andrea Kleinloog and Megan Hesse, the gin bar will take its cue from Hendrick’s Gin’s unique blend of 11 botanicals, and more importantly its signature use of cucumber and rose petals, to create a magical space where visitors can take a break and enjoy a world class gin tipple.

Beyond just the botanicals; the bar will be referencing the animal kingdom, courtesy of premier African lifestyle brand Ardmore whose world-renowned ceramics have expanded into a wider range of luxury lifestyle products including their wild and fantastical fabrics.

If Alice in Wonderland director Tim Burton were to go on an African safari, this gin bar would set the scene. Be sure to visit the show and the Hendrick’s Gin Bar for a first-hand experience of this imaginative and richly sensory cocktail lounge.

Whether it’s filled with fun or meaning, we wish you an Easter brimming with all the people and things you love.

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