On the sofa with Kevin Frankental of studio Lemon

We chatted to Kevin Frankental of studio Lemon, who will be taking part in the DARLINGS feature at Design Joburg. 

What have you become known for and what defines what you do? 

We design and supply an aesthetically pleasing and functional range of products for interiors, with a focus on the workplace. Most notably, our products include artwork, wallpaper, furniture and accessories. All products are locally designed and made. We manufacture 80% of our product range ourselves and our products have become synonymous with quality.

What will you be unveiling at Design Joburg’s Darlings feature?

This year we have introduced our first furniture collection. We will be unveiling our Vondel Marble coffee table.

Is there a design movement or style that informs your creations? 

We work with various designers for our creations. Some in-house, some external. We do our best to stay away from trends and focus on designing timeless products. We find if you work with honest, solid materials and really take the time to understand their capabilities and limitations it assists in your direction.  

Which other Darlings’ creations do you covet and why?

I think Nicole (Levenberg) from Aureum is doing great things with textile design . She is knowledgeable and educated on the subject and has a good eye for detail. She is one to watch. 

What are your thoughts on SA design?

We think SA design has a unique aesthetic but it also has the potential to box designers into one look and feel. We prefer to talk about international design and understanding how SA design can compete at an international level without having a specific design style  promoted as “SA Design“.

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