Q&A with Sumari Krige of La Grange Interiors and Rooms on View

The curator of Rooms on View shares her décor tips and what’s hot on Design Joburg’s horizons. 

How do you feel about bringing Rooms on View back?
It’s always been an exhibition I feel very strongly about. It’s my baby that’s entering a new phase in its life. I am absolutely thrilled about bringing it back!

Why is Rooms on View a good fit with Design Joburg?
Rooms on View has and continues to showcase the more established brands in our industry. They form the foundation of our industry and without whom our industry wouldn’t evolve. Collaboration is a vital focus for Design Joburg, so whilst Rooms on View offers the well established, we’re combining it with Design Joburg’s future-of-design focus to bring a holistic snapshot of the industry right now.

What is your role in Design Joburg?
Besides my obvious focus on the Rooms on View section of the show, I am also very much involved in the overall look and feel… the bigger picture.

Which Rooms on View exhibitors are your personal favourites to look out for?
At this early stage, I am excited by the enthusiasm of the fabric houses to participate again. We are encouraging all exhibitors to get the hottest young designers to collaborate with. For example, Hertex is working with Donald Nxumalo on a second fabric collection that will be unveiled at the show.

What will La Grange Interiors be showcasing on their stand?
That’s top secret… watch this space!

What are the latest and hottest décor tips you’d like to share?
1. Invest where it matters. If you are on a budget, invest in the pieces that anchor your space.
2. There should be harmony among your furnishings; not everything has to match but they should speak the same language.
3. And of course, if you are going to add something too big or too small for dramatic effect, go either really big or really small to exaggerate your intention.

Which local designers or design brands are you coveting right now?
There are so many good ones but I am loving the work of Robert Sherwood and so coveting the beautiful pieces by Bronze Age.

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