What to expect from David Muirhead's (Wo)man Cave

An elegant boudoir for the modern woman... interior designer David Muirhead will be bringing this ideas to life at Design Joburg. 

What are you creating for your Collaborative Roomsets feature at Design Joburg?

We are creating a luxurious, elegant yet simple boudoir as a (Wo)man Cave… a place where the modern woman can unwind in a setting that encourages relaxation while surrounded by her essential creature comforts.

What is the overall style of this stand?

Classic luxury with a strong focus on comfort.

Are there any specific features or elements you’d like to highlight?

We are using a very sophisticated wallpaper from Hertex that will become the foundation of the scheme. The bed from Tempur will take centre stage around which all the other elements will take their cue. The experience of combining the wares of several brands that all embrace sheer luxury has been so invigorating for us.

Can you tell us which brands you are collaborating with?

Hertex, Radiant Lighting, Woodfloors SA, Tempur plus our own signature collection entitled Fine Living by David Muirhead.

What makes your stand unmissable for visitors to Design Joburg?

It is elegant glamour at its very best. This will be all about experiencing luxury through all the senses and we think visitors will want to soak it all up.

How would you describe your signature style?

Our interiors are all about classic luxury that is deeply rooted in the now. Our spaces, while glamourous, always offer warmth and functionality, but most importantly reflect the needs and lifestyle of the people that live in them.

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